Ephraim Crossing is a unique, multi-purpose environment like nothing else in central Utah. Located in the historic city of Ephraim, this campus is a mixed-use community designed to stimulate innovation an improved quality of life.

We’re combining the sophistication of a tech community with the lifestyle, affordability and safety of a rural environment.  We’re leveraging Snow College’s and Utah State University’s presence in Ephraim to build a high quality rural technology community.

Our purpose is to advance economic development, lifestyle, and the community to the next level. Ephraim Crossing is a perfect combination of living space, corporate offices, retail, higher learning, hospitality, and outdoor gathering spaces that make for an empowered lifestyle.

Sophistication is more than a word at Ephraim Crossing. It’s what we set out to achieve. To evoke, delight and inspire a more modern and intimate sense of neighborhood and community. This is what separates good from great, and Ephraim Crossing from anywhere else.

Our goal is to create a vibrant new sense of community. A new gathering place for generations to come, including yours.