Cities around the world are facing new questions of urban flight. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, it exacerbated a range of living conditions and housing crises, from telecommuting and construction to global economies. As Fast Company reports, almost 40% of those living in cities have considered moving out since the pandemic started. With the possibility of the pandemic stretching on for years, more urbanites are considering the move to rural areas and small towns.

To date, a growing percentage of people have already moved, including to the suburbs, where home searches in suburban zip codes doubled the pace of growth in urban areas across the United States. More than half of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas are seeing increased interest in the suburbs. In turn, as the pandemic’s urban impact is felt globally, first time home-buyers are looking to existing plans, rural homes and mobile units as they consider their next move.

Telecommuting has also given increased freedom in the ability to choose where homeowners work, while some of those who have already left cities went to a second house or holiday home. The following projects showcase a range of retreats made for rural living. The projects represent larger trends towards a potential move away from cities in the years to come.

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